Tipping a Taxi Cab Driver

Just like other social worker, a taxi cab driver tip depends on the city where it is serving and the distance he drove you. However the usual tip that a cabbie gets is 15% of the overall fare.  So if the bill is $20, give $3 but if it is $10 give at least $1. If the cabbie assists you with your baggage don’t hesitate to add $1 or $2 more.

Here are some tips to find out how much tip your taxi cab driver deserves:

  1. When you arrive to your destination the driver will tell you your bill after hearing the amount estimate quickly and consider giving tip of at least 10-15% of the fare.
  2. Prepare the money and give to the driver when you about to get out from the taxi.
  3. If the driver gives you a great ride or help carry your bag consider adding tip to 20%
  4. Some cab has credit card that suggest default tip up to three options, like for example in New York, cab offer three tip level 20%, 25%, 30%. You may choose to what level you would like to give or you may give your own preference.
  5. Give an even bill and tell the cab driver “keep the change”. If your bill is $4 give $5 and if its $7, $8 or $9 give $10