Should a taxi driver carry a gun?

Do you think a taxi Driver should carry a loaded gun while he/she are on their shift?

Someone pulls a gun on you at 2:30 a.m. in some dark lighted street or alley and you say,
I will shoot him I have a gun. I have a (CWP) Concealed Weapons Permit. Can you use it? Can you kill a person over $50.00?
Well there are two sides to every story, right?
What if, just if, the person you just shot and killed did not have a gun or weapon on them. You were shaking, scared, sweating and they were faking it, is that murder? What if they did not have a gun, and took yours away and shot you, what if, tough guy.

People that are real bad people, you might not want to mess with, and unless you go to the rifle range and unless you have had a lot training and work out every day, and you can hit, fight, be at the top of your game don’t carry a weapon. The person that wants your money, wants cash to buy a fix, some crack, to pay some bills, cookies and milk what does it matter, just give them cash and, and hopefully they are gone out of your life. Look just carry the fake wallet with $ 25.00 bucks of ones in it get it? Your life is worth more than pride here. Just keep a fake wallet and $25 ones in it and give it to them, and you want to cut the bottom out 3/4 the way so you can see money in either up or upside down position save your life and save your money.

Live till the sun comes up if you are lucky.

I had a very bad problem for myself, well one of dozens, however I was packing late one night when this hack packed and if wasn’t for the grace of god and my good luck and my heavy street wise street smarts bull crap I do, It would have gotten dirty fast!

It was about 2:15 A.M. It was busy, we were hustling and the radio was chanting away softly, the sidewalks were hustling with people, I smelled money! I saw in a second the pimps. there cars stashed on the dark side street, the hookers and the drunks they were looking for. I saw the trash man and the store owners closing up shop for the night, as street cleaner roared by doing there water thing while listening to music

I always keep the radio low for my ears only, always alert for my car numbers. Out of the corner of my eyes at a glance I saw a shadow sort of a person, way deep down I knew better, but I live for this rush. I pulled over the guy jumped in back r/s, right side, late night, no one gets behind me nor the front, I need distant between me and my fares.

Well we had only gone about one or two blocks and there I was , I can feel it, I can smell, I just know that I had screwed up big time look out here it comes. The hair on the back of my neck started to raise up, I dropped my left hand down to the side pocket on my Ford Crown Victoria 5 year old ex-police car bought at auction.
I knew that I only had maybe a block left before all hell would brake loose, and it did! Very slowly I laid my AE~ 50 cal Desert Storm on my lap, just then the guy says to me, hey pull over by that corner store, I need some smokes, I eased the car over to the right, no one on this street, store was closed here it comes, I held the steering wheel with my right hand on my weapon grip, she was ready to go, so was I. Just then as he lays the barrel of a 38 on the center top back of passenger seat and turns it towards me pointing it at my head, in that second I knew he did not know weapons, I slowly eased my barrel up and talking to him telling him that I only had a little money in my wallet but I will give you that, right then he saw my gun barrel slide over the center seat as I acted like hey, here is my wallet, take my money, he was wrong and yes it is big and large, but look around you there are big weapons on the street do you think a 22 or 38 is going to kill you, yes perhaps a 50/50 chance, but if I put a cap in you with my EA Desert Storm 50 cal. you do have a problem and I won’t and no tampax made will plug your new hole.

Well anyway he tells me, hey look man I don’t want any problems, I just needed a smoke, a few bucks. I say to him as I looked straight into his eyes, This is great, let’s have a smoke together, look I have this problem here, you don’t have any smokes and I can’t get to mine, let’s do this, you drop your wannabe gun over the seat, just drop it. I will relax a little and I will give you a couple smokes to go or you can stay where you are at and die in the back seat. He did the right thing that night.

It was my Friday that night, I haven’t smoked in 8 years True story~


I also want to say that you will have a gun on you when the police come, I don’t pull a weapon on people that think there tough or threaten, and I have other ways. Sometimes I would say, hey look: here the deal, I will give you my wallet, and money, but I know Jim, or any name and he is not going to like this, make sure you want to this, or leave and I won’t tell him. Two have walked away from my cab. There is a street code!

Did you realize that as fares get in your cab at the airport know, if you’re a nice person or not, so do the bad guys. I believe that cab drivers sometimes just piss people off with their bad attitudes. Sometimes thinking out loud that you are a better person than a drunk will get you in trouble. When you first sense a problem with any one stop it right there. Stop the car at the first light, right away, don’t let it keep going ask them to get out of your car say I am calling you another cab they are only a few blocks from here, please leave. If that don’t work get out of the car take your keys with you walk in front of your car slowly, like you’re thinking go to back of the car and open the back door, tell them to get out of the car, if they do not get out fast, jerk the drunk out of the car fast, slam the door; ( telling him before; during and after to calm them; why you are doing this, tell them the other cab is just 1 minute away, leave! Never turn your back on then, back up slowly get in your car and drive away.
And you have a good night tonight, you hear

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Cameras in Taxi Cabs: A Must

By: Sparky

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As I scan across America and other lands what I see from the camera’s eye in almost every case of death or injury, the same thing happens to the driver, they sit there and say nothing or don’t hit back, thing have changed in the taxi world. Untrained cab drivers, owners don’t give a shit and send drivers out with little or no training. They ( ride along ) for a few hours learn not how a meter works, ask any driver you see today, or yourself and once they can turn the radio on you guessed it they are taxi drivers. All the hell they know what to do is stay out there for 12 hours fill up the car and drive back to the shop and hand over $135.00 or whatever that pie in the sky greedy dollar amount is. Oh yes and what is left for you the driver, after taxes are kept in the bank for that happy 15 of April every year. What you don’t do that, I know but what bothers me more than that is that everyone we see, on the street in the mall, at a cafe or bar, church I heard a speaker say that 68% of the American people have less than $500.00 dollars in there bank account. I don’t know about you but there are going to be some scary crap going down very soon looks out for it.

Today, yes it is me in real life, not like a real estate salesman and when they come there in a walker and look 90.

I was watching a clip how a suspect was hitting a driver over and over and I thought to myself what would I have done. How would I have dealt with this differently? I am thinking knowing that it was coming perhaps, not a hands in front of me injection put perhaps a fast hit in the throat. I mean there you go it is over and while they are gasping for air a good kick in the face as you call 911 and report a suspected robbery suspect in custody, but you feel that they try and run on you. Look as bad as we make other drivers feel we are real bad , as in I mean real street wise bad, most 80% of us are not, we just don’t know what to do when we are presented with anger and fear, and life threatening thoughts, so we need to deal with them before they get out of control. I am the one of 20% that you can drop me off at midnight anywhere in the world, and I will be a survivable cab driver, and most likely like it I am not afraid of the dark and seemly calm streets, they are not they can be become ex-stream loud and scarier in a heartbeat, if this ever happens to you do this, stop, very calm just say this, hey look guys, there are times in our lives that sometimes we just don’t want to be her, no disrespect but I want to just walk away . If you are lucky they will just mess with you lightly.

I have made a choice for you, the 80% that don’t think they would know what to do if someone threatens them: tried to harm them with: words: a knife: and or a gun: and or hit them.

This is what you need to do today, this weekend, go by any place that teaches karate or kick boxing, or just boxing and just walk up to them and tell them the truth. You do not have to become a four year black belt, tell them you want to just learn how to hit them, hard they will show you, and fast. They will teach you how to and what to tell people that want to harm you: they will teach your hands on how to hit a person: they will teach you how to defend your self’s and how to give them some money so that they will leave your cab: all you haft to do is to tell them your job. I am a taxi cab driver and that I am scared of what may happen and I do not know what to do if that happens, and puff: your dreams are answer and you will feel a lot more safe trust me and you will hit a person that tries to harm you, you will feel like you are more in charge and better than the people that you pick up as far as defending yourself. Look there are some very bad people out there and you need this edge and if you meet the wrong person that hits harder and faster and just don’t care if they hurt you or not, that no matter what you say or do, here they come at you. You will know what to do at that point, also relax, it is all good don’t you enjoy the rush, yet? Well, hang on you are in for a ride.

  • Do not say anything.
  • Do not yell at them.
  • Give them what they want.

If they want money, I told you what to do, have a fake wallet, have $20.00 in it showing, give them that, tell them you just came on duty, they just want out of there.

Cameras in the cabs are cheap protection for any one that has a problem, and talk about it or not if I get killed out there at 3:30 am there will be pictures of the killer for their arrest, thank god. If there is a robbery in the cab the pictures may give that person 6 years in prison to think about it. My reason for all cab drivers to get the training they need to protect themselves is to help stop this insanity of cab heist all for what $20.00 / $50.00 or 6 years in prison and to tell the bad guys, hey we fight back, don’t try and rob us you will get caught.

Here is what not to do:

  • Who not to stop for
  • what to look out for
  • how do exit the cab
  • How to stay calm
  • Defense driving