What do taxi cabs transport?

By Sparky

What do taxi drivers put in there cabs other than; (People)

There is a world of items that cabs have transported over the years!
This from far the list:
Flowers, Grocery’s, Food, Pizza’s ,Medical stat’s, blood runs, Transport Patients, nursing homes ,detox, Hospital stats, movie films, potable kidney machines, parts,

A taxi cab driver picked up a fare at their home they had a early morning flight out not much luggage s/he should images

have been able to read the signs of a distant far away emergency trip in the early hours of the chilly, damp, fogy flight out of Bellingham, up near the Canada border, on the west coast.
The driver at the time of pick-up was also not alert he had over (11) eleven hours in that night and was going, off shift in a very short time. However he turned a conversation into a nightmare for the customers, himself, and the company that he had worked for yeas ago.

In a simple sentence he only said, so are you flying away to have a great time in Vegas.
Don’t do that! What needed to be said was nothing at all. Try to let your customer start off and yes I know the stress of driving for hours and not a word spoken! That is a very hard drive!

Customers will let you know when they want to chat talk or know about things in you town. In the above case s/he should have said, if s/he insisted on saying anything first would have been perhaps good morning are you traveling for business or pleasure? That is it, be very quiet till they respond! In this case there was a homicide murder of one of the family members in the mid-west, and it only got worst to the point of a complaint being filed on the driver. The company got involved and gave free rides to and returns from the funeral for compassion reasons and company goodwill.

WOW; let’s all learn a listen here, I for one have gotten my mouth in trouble before a few times , however like traffic tickets; it has been a lot of years, two in one early A.M. stupid me