About Me

20150316_143205My blog is about Taxi Cab Driving.

Hi, all you fellow cab drivers, taxi drivers, taxis, for hire drivers, blacktops, hacks, and everyone in the transportation force. I have driven cab for well, many moons.
I am searching for questions and answers from each and all of you, also your pictures of you and your cab, taxi, limo, for hire and any taxi pictures.
Share things that have happened to you driving any taxi cab, for hire car, town car; whether an independent contractor, employee or any type of transportation. Includes what I call the boxcar transportation trade.
I am looking for customers that have taken their taxi ride from hell, or any problems in the taxi business. I would like to know what happened and how you handled it. I am sorry that you had a problem and hope that you got it worked out. Not all cabbies are bad, most are very good, we just have bad days just like you. You can vent on me I will understand.

I am looking for any questions about taxi cabs or cab driving that you have, how you solved a problem or an issue. Even if you don’t drive a taxi cab or for hire vehicle, send it in too!
I am looking for all Labor and Industries questions, problems and answers just for myself to ponder over. I just had back surgery for a on the job injury after 15 months of pain and suffering. Thank god I was paying into Labor an
d Industries. I found every thing on their web site that I needed or a quick phone call got my answers, however a thank you never hurts!
I hope we can help each other, that the things that I say on here helps you, let me know. Any suggestions I would welcome, I also will be saving all good jokes. But hey, children, read this site and please keep it clean.




Thank you, everyone for reading my blog. I do hope you find something useful. I hope you find the rush in driving a taxi cab as I have, I know you will learn, but most have the rush. That’s why we are here, shift after shift. If I have written something that offends you, I am sorry, It is the way I feel about things! If I misspell a word, I am a cab driver not a writer driver. Enjoy your visit – enjoy your day – enjoy life. I am trying hard to get it all that is written disjointed, jointed. I hope you make great tips on your shifts day and or nights !