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What are lease drivers doing?

Well I know that I will get a lot of feed back from this, and I know that the truth hurts at times. I also know that when people like me that have lived day by day; it is way hard to see the other side; but I am telling you this; stop and smell the roses!
You and I know how much a lease is per day and weekends, but lets say it $100.00 7 days a week or $700,00 per week and I don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that that’s about $3,250.00 – per 4 week month and gas, bring it up to $4000.00. But wait that’s for a 12 hour shift, so the owner gets another $4,000.00 for the other shift. The total for the month is $8,000.00 per month. Are you taken home that kind of money come on be honest, this is almost grand theft the way I look at it. For $8000.00 per month I could work out a deal some where.
What do you think it takes to (outfit the car?) If you want to look on e-bay and or other places you will find a meter is about $225.00 new, online used, $100.00 bucks, top sign is about $100.00 and that a is nice one, The larger A frame type roof signs are about $350.00. You can get a nice sign lettering job for about $250.00 installed from any sign company, well most sign companies. So you have a smart phone get smart, perhaps you can find another driver and team up with. I see there adds in every city. Yes I know about insurance; bonding; city and state licenses; permits and police inspections and State client contracts. Did I forget any thing, yes the little problem of the medallion, well now they are falling in price fast aren’t. The $ one million dollar real deal. Well I am sure that something could be worked out between the two of you. Just my thoughts for what it is worth.
Cars online on Craigslist and other sources I use look New York and all big cities have lots of town cars for sale. They have lots of Lincolns driving past, fares won’t know that you are driving a 1999 or newer, it is all in appearance and attitude 1999 cars don’t coat much to get you going. You can get something going, talk to people, talk to the for hire owners just perhaps they want there cars out there also. If you are honest, maybe there will lease to own the car to you. Get busy people are not going to come to you, so get on the phone make some contacts, call some limo people and see what they have for sale. Call some wineries and see if they know of any limos or blacktop cars for sale good but cheap. But I know you can get a better deal that what you have going on now, trust me. Start you own company, just do it stop giving your cash away!
Let me know what you feel about your own town car service, or for Hire Company, and more money. Thank you, everyone for reading my blog. I do hope you find something useful. I hope you find the rush in driving a taxi cab as I have, I know you will learn but most have the rush. That’s why we are here, shift after shift. If I have written something that offends you, I am sorry, it is the way I feel about things. Enjoy your visit enjoy your day – enjoy life. I am trying hard to get it all that is written disjointed, jointed. I hope you make great tips on your shifts day or nights.

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