How to Stop Cab Company Thefts Fast!

Do people steal from their boss!


Yes! Very much Yes! Why?


Well money is money and when you pay your employees year after year a minimum wage plus tips, what do you expect from them.


We work for you, we drive your car, we wash your car, we put fuel in your car, we turn in a paper to say where we pick people up at, and we give you all the money. We have to pay tax on the money we do make. We have no tax write offs for anything at work, you do. Some tines you even want are tips on long runs. Now I ask you do we as a driver steal from you.

We pick up fares day and night and every year at Christmas and new year’s all we hear from you is can you come in early tonight we are going to be so busy there are so many Christmas party’s? We are going to make so much money tips will be real good tonight.

When are you going to say to us, hey you made me a lot of money this past year, I thank you and tip us. There are so many New Year eve, parties. We all say sure be right in, when in the hell are we going to our party

You expect so much from us, keeping their car clean inside and outside washed and clean themselves, nice clothes clean paper work and fuel the car before they turn in. Let’s See, I guess that’s it, wait you want more ok you want them to wear clean pants and a clean shirt, what no shorts or jeans or filthy pants and shirts. How can I drive if I and not relaxed

A driver said to me last week, I am depressed. Why I asked? He said I have been here over 4 years and today I get the same wage as when I started, Minimum wage plus tips.

How about a few things for us the drivers perhaps every 3 or 4 months you get a day group and a night group together and have a B Q at your shop or better a park. I am not talking steak and lobster I am talking a few dozen hot dogs and buns and a few dozen 6 packs of pop and chips for all drivers and ideas for your better cab company flows out for you!

Drivers love to have attention give it to them, and listen to them talk to you about your problems and how to fix then. But when one belittle there employees and down size there ways and means of providing for their life thief happens.

Well I have told you they steal; now you want to know how. I have no problems with that just so you know!

A couple of ways, and no I have never stolen from my boss but I see it.

Where to start, I had worked for a cab company and they had these credit cards that all drivers had and the car also had a card on the key chain so they had to match for each car. So that there was no way any one could steal from them as it went in that car. Well yes that is true in a perfect world but we don’t live in a perfect world now do we. The drivers had there card thief proof right, wrong as I am taken my cab into the gas pump a car sort of cut me off and parked on the other side of the pump from a company pickup, the driver of the pickup got out started pumping gas, stopped walked thus the pumps and started fueling the car with a lady and kids in it. Now you say what the hell’s wrong that scenario, well the company pickup belong to a friend of mine, I knew what the driver was going to do, It was only a month or two before I was over to this owners home and when he got back to his shop, he got fired . I know what you’re thinking, what a snitch yes I get it so when you have you taxi cabs fill up know how many gallons of gas they hold, Watch for 5 gals of full gas around the shop missing the next day over night or on the days you are not there, these are twenty $20.00 dollar bills laying around at today fuel prices. Know how much fuel each car holds and watch for high fuel difference between cars of the same makes. Even your shop mechanic can steal and most likely will. It becomes a more serious problem when it happens daily.

Watch for parts bought for cars you don’t have, demand that the auto store put the car # on their bill or plate number and verify that the parts match the car model. Look it is your car demand that all old parts be marked where it came from and saved. This will most likely help stop car auto parts theft. Watching for the average monthly cost of the shop will not help you know what car took what part, parts are very costly. Oil cost $15, 00 per gallon almost, watch it close, and Antifreeze cost is very costly make people accountable for your parts and you’re paying for it.

If you stock gas at your plant shop know where it goes have a gas notebook pad and have employees sign it in and out. Take time to read the book.


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