Happy Holidays and a new year ~ 2016

Is everyone done shopping for christmas presents?
Does anyone want to trash me for my thoughts?
it is ok i am a big person~ I am sure I missed a few.
and they will be included in my thoughts this new year.

I am thinking about a donation to some place~

I am thinking about people, places and things like God~

Destruction, weather, war, murder’s, violence, bomb’s and guns, the USA and the military men and women in the military, and Aircraft squadrons and boots on the ground and more

Sorry my list is upside down today, 25 days to go~
People way needing a helping hand
Helping charities
The homeless vet’s
The homeless
Miss place families, children, people
3rd world Countries
Taxi cab drivers and for hire of all types~
Religions of most all types
To my almost 500,000 friend’s on web sites that have seen my web pages that I have public, I love you all thank you.

YO-TAXI Let's get on the road!

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