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1 Focus on the user.
2 Share Everything
3 Look for Ideas everywhere.
4 Thing Big but star small.
5 Never fail to fail.
6 Spark with imagination.
7 Be a platform.
8 Have a mission that matters.

Taxi’s Around the World

Whether you’re halfway around the world or in your home country, getting a taxi seems like a pretty simple affair. Just walk to a rank, call up a reliable company, hail one on the street, or order a taxi and prepay through an app.

However, according to this infographic and article from The Taxi Centre, things are a little different elsewhere. Depending on where you are in the world, your simple taxi trip home could include a boat trip, short jaunt on a seaplane, or even a ride on an elephant.

To find out more info on taxi prices, etiquette, and tipping expectations, view the infographic below.

Old School / New School

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