TAXI QUE’S at Airports

TAXI QUE’S at Airports; all international airports have a transportation taxi que load and unload zones. Some of these are unrealistic as the airport I service. No fare wants to walk on the rain, walk on snow and ice, seniors and ALL people that are in wheelchairs and walkers would like to be picked up at baggage check out period. We have to leave our cabs and look for our fares with a sign , with there name on it, how screwed up is that one.
Now we have received notice that we the taxi drivers are not allowed to leave there cab in the que to do as the air port manager does,that is to walk down the hall from his office and relieve him self. We have to leave the airport property like cowards and little kids seeking a bathroom, thank god for Starbucks coffee shops and Mac Donald’s. Myself I think that the airport is violating labor and industries laws myself, how ever the over head cost for toilet paper and paper towels has dropped
I for one would like to here how screwed up your airport is, there must be a few worst than ours but I may have to travel long distant’s and fly, most likely they will see me in there cameras and give me a ticket even thou I am a paying customer.
cheers Sparky

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