Concealed Weapons

Concealed Weapons:

Thought that I would tell everyone about Weapons: a true story that happened to me and why you should leave your weapons on you concealed as you should at all times or locked up at home. Well I was running a little late so I locked my car at work, unlocked the truck and grabbed my gym bag and ( tools of the trade ) that we use maps, phone book,G P S, my weapon and a couple of tampon’s.

I know I know some will ask and yet most will know why I carry them with me and if not for me later tonight perhaps it will help save someone else’s life out on the street or as I call it in living color, the theater. So I clock in pre-pay my nut/gate fees like I always do, I like to know when it is all said and done, and if I am dead I owe no one I am debt free in the end. It also gives me a edge from other drivers hustling to make a buck just to get there gates made and there fuel cost so that thy can start making there wage for there shift. I jump right in and say on my very first fare I am making money. So for me only don’t try this your self it may not be right for you but hey check this out I go down to the stationary store and get myself a weekly bill envelope stuffier it is for weekly bills for each day of the week. Now I know that most taxicab hacks do not work 12 hours a day or more and that they do not work 7 days a week but I did a lot. So after each day I would put my cash earned in the envelope with a rubber band around it and MY TIPS and  AND my way bill, trip sheet, WE CALL IT TOILET PAPER some don’t use any thing, a paper trail they do not want, I understand.

 So I an told that all the taxi cabs had to go in for a police inspection for a safety inspection and to have the meters tested, with a officer riding alone to check the car all of the safety issues wipers, horn, flashers, ect,  The next step was the car brakes and the meter after driving the car one mile.

Oh shit there I go one more time sorry:  any way I have my tool bag and I jump into the taxi, pop the hood and check the oil. I never start a car without checking the oil period and radiator, back into the car start it I always wait 4 or 5 minutes for the car to warm up so I turn on the heater low, radios both on low and softly, check the mirrors, and I have a special box under my seat made for C&G~/ Cash and Gun.  I slide my 38 snub under the seat and put my $50.00 change into the money clip I made for safe keeping and down the road I go all rushed up to the police station, as I turn into the cop shop as we call then and park, I wait my turn for the inspection. As I am waiting I see two officers come up to me and we do are thing, both jump into the car junior one in back, as the lead police officer tells the other what we are going to be doing.

Well we pull out of the stall speed up and he say, STOP THE CAR,  I do as I feel something side up and hit my foot the cop says what’s that, I say whats what, he say you know what I mean as the person in the back seat leans forward, I am committed to say it, sir that’s my weapon, he says is it loaded I say yes sir. He says do you have a permit for it, I smell it coming, yes sir I do. He says may I see it, I say yes sir .

Whew good thing I had a permit, and that I had it on me. Lesson learned here If you have a gun have it on you, and if you could not shoot it or kill a person wit a weapon leave it at home , go to the gun store and sell it it will get you in a lot of trouble on the streets, trust me don’t be a hack packer.


Cameras in Taxi Cabs: A Must

By: Sparky

camera in taxi

As I scan across America and other lands what I see from the camera’s eye in almost every case of death or injury, the same thing happens to the driver, they sit there and say nothing or don’t hit back, thing have changed in the taxi world. Untrained cab drivers, owners don’t give a shit and send drivers out with little or no training. They ( ride along ) for a few hours learn not how a meter works, ask any driver you see today, or yourself and once they can turn the radio on you guessed it they are taxi drivers. All the hell they know what to do is stay out there for 12 hours fill up the car and drive back to the shop and hand over $135.00 or whatever that pie in the sky greedy dollar amount is. Oh yes and what is left for you the driver, after taxes are kept in the bank for that happy 15 of April every year. What you don’t do that, I know but what bothers me more than that is that everyone we see, on the street in the mall, at a cafe or bar, church I heard a speaker say that 68% of the American people have less than $500.00 dollars in there bank account. I don’t know about you but there are going to be some scary crap going down very soon looks out for it.

Today, yes it is me in real life, not like a real estate salesman and when they come there in a walker and look 90.

I was watching a clip how a suspect was hitting a driver over and over and I thought to myself what would I have done. How would I have dealt with this differently? I am thinking knowing that it was coming perhaps, not a hands in front of me injection put perhaps a fast hit in the throat. I mean there you go it is over and while they are gasping for air a good kick in the face as you call 911 and report a suspected robbery suspect in custody, but you feel that they try and run on you. Look as bad as we make other drivers feel we are real bad , as in I mean real street wise bad, most 80% of us are not, we just don’t know what to do when we are presented with anger and fear, and life threatening thoughts, so we need to deal with them before they get out of control. I am the one of 20% that you can drop me off at midnight anywhere in the world, and I will be a survivable cab driver, and most likely like it I am not afraid of the dark and seemly calm streets, they are not they can be become ex-stream loud and scarier in a heartbeat, if this ever happens to you do this, stop, very calm just say this, hey look guys, there are times in our lives that sometimes we just don’t want to be her, no disrespect but I want to just walk away . If you are lucky they will just mess with you lightly.

I have made a choice for you, the 80% that don’t think they would know what to do if someone threatens them: tried to harm them with: words: a knife: and or a gun: and or hit them.

This is what you need to do today, this weekend, go by any place that teaches karate or kick boxing, or just boxing and just walk up to them and tell them the truth. You do not have to become a four year black belt, tell them you want to just learn how to hit them, hard they will show you, and fast. They will teach you how to and what to tell people that want to harm you: they will teach your hands on how to hit a person: they will teach you how to defend your self’s and how to give them some money so that they will leave your cab: all you haft to do is to tell them your job. I am a taxi cab driver and that I am scared of what may happen and I do not know what to do if that happens, and puff: your dreams are answer and you will feel a lot more safe trust me and you will hit a person that tries to harm you, you will feel like you are more in charge and better than the people that you pick up as far as defending yourself. Look there are some very bad people out there and you need this edge and if you meet the wrong person that hits harder and faster and just don’t care if they hurt you or not, that no matter what you say or do, here they come at you. You will know what to do at that point, also relax, it is all good don’t you enjoy the rush, yet? Well, hang on you are in for a ride.

  • Do not say anything.
  • Do not yell at them.
  • Give them what they want.

If they want money, I told you what to do, have a fake wallet, have $20.00 in it showing, give them that, tell them you just came on duty, they just want out of there.

Cameras in the cabs are cheap protection for any one that has a problem, and talk about it or not if I get killed out there at 3:30 am there will be pictures of the killer for their arrest, thank god. If there is a robbery in the cab the pictures may give that person 6 years in prison to think about it. My reason for all cab drivers to get the training they need to protect themselves is to help stop this insanity of cab heist all for what $20.00 / $50.00 or 6 years in prison and to tell the bad guys, hey we fight back, don’t try and rob us you will get caught.

Here is what not to do:

  • Who not to stop for
  • what to look out for
  • how do exit the cab
  • How to stay calm
  • Defense driving

TAXI QUE’S at Airports

TAXI QUE’S at Airports; all international airports have a transportation taxi que load and unload zones. Some of these are unrealistic as the airport I service. No fare wants to walk on the rain, walk on snow and ice, seniors and ALL people that are in wheelchairs and walkers would like to be picked up at baggage check out period. We have to leave our cabs and look for our fares with a sign , with there name on it, how screwed up is that one.
Now we have received notice that we the taxi drivers are not allowed to leave there cab in the que to do as the air port manager does,that is to walk down the hall from his office and relieve him self. We have to leave the airport property like cowards and little kids seeking a bathroom, thank god for Starbucks coffee shops and Mac Donald’s. Myself I think that the airport is violating labor and industries laws myself, how ever the over head cost for toilet paper and paper towels has dropped
I for one would like to here how screwed up your airport is, there must be a few worst than ours but I may have to travel long distant’s and fly, most likely they will see me in there cameras and give me a ticket even thou I am a paying customer.
cheers Sparky

Are taxicabs ATM machines?

cropped-yo-taxi.jpgAre taxicabs ATM Cash Machines or debit cars

By Sparky
Anthologized by: Sparky
Attributed to: Sparky

Are taxi cabs ATM cash machines or debit cars.
Well if one would look at there fleet as just that, and move there ATM machines out that don’t make there nut, all would be better for them, you know who they are and so do they, they are just waiting for you to tell them to leave. So does it, you will feel better about it. I have often thought that a Taxi Cab is like an ATM cash machines
The drivers are in the hole for cash as soon as they hit your front door, they most likely won’t have it in the pocket till on a 12 hour shift, 8 hours. Here is the real truth and how and why! Greed of money, it is the money that the car owners need to cover over there head, One must be care full here, there lease, on the building, car fleet, maintenance of cars, vans, transmissions, overhead per car, not many know what that it is, just the cost of the owners doing business as a fleet owner whether it is one car or hundreds , the bills keep coming in day after day, the income is the same, one must raise the gates to cover cost, And as all drivers know , you must put out house drivers so you can cover the cost of broken cars, higher fuel cost, I mean think about it obis is almost the same as gas is per gallon, and electric cars don’t catch up the gap, we need 50 mpg fuel cost cars period! I see that Chevrolet 2014 have a 4 door and the ford motor company has there police model and the cost of that police equipped was in our town $47,999.00 like the Homeland Security cars do. I have never ever found the reason for the police, and government agency’s to terminate there cars at 75,000 miles 2 years or so. What a waste, but thank you!
The drivers, what do we do to make the gate, well once you find out, you will raise the nut or want a cut, but it is all over greed isn’t it. Well when we get our keys from where ever and pay for the car or the up date to a better car. We know we owe the gate, $150.00 we have to gas up another $44.00. We have loads to pick up, and later tonight we have to get them home, as I call them my private contractors that work for me and my ATM cash machine, During the night as my other bars and motels call me on my cell, I start to hustle faster and faster, as the rush come on and my ATM is looking good.
People that I pick up late at night; in need certain things; that like magic; fly’s out of my trunk.
And then it happens, when the rush is all over at the air port and down at the bars I spot what I am trained to do, excuse me lady, may I help you, yes I have a dead battery, I left my lights on. Do you know a wrecker I could call, well yes that would be me! I can have your car running in 15 minute, we are not aloud to jump cars as we could cross wires and burn out are alternators, so to help people like you that have this problem I have bought a very expensive jumper box. I will hook it up and we will let it charge your battery, and you can relax, as I hooked the jumper box up, leaving the master switch off.
I chanted with her, In a little bit I told her , let me check your battery, I flipped the jumper box switch master to on and ask her to start her car, She said what do I owe you? I told her just like I had said $40.00. No she said, as she sipped me a pile of bills and a pink piece of paper and a big smile, and whispered I think my battery is getting low, I may need a jump, in a few hours.
Point is buy a battery charger is needed here, great investment!

Cab Driver Wages~ on a shoestring


Cab Driver Wages on a shoestring

Well I know that I will get a lot of feed back from this, and I know that the truth hurts at times. I also know that when people like me; people that have lived day by day; it is way hard to see the other side; but I am telling you this; stop and smell the roses!
You and I know how much a lease/ gate/nut (cash) is per day and weekends, but let’s say it $125.00 / 7 days a week or $875, 00 per week and it don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that that’s about $3,500.00 – $4,000.00 per 4 week work month. But wait that’s for a 12 hour shift, so the owner gets another $4,000.00 for the other shift. The total for the month is $8,000.00 per month. Are you taken home that kind of money come on be honest, this is almost theft the way I look at it!
What do you think it takes to (outfit the car?) If you want to look on e-bay, Craig list and or other places you will find a meter is about $225.00 new, online used, $100.00 bucks, top sign is about $100.00 and that a is nice one! The larger a frame type roof signs are about $350.00. You can get a nice sign lettering job for about $300.00 installed from any sign company, well most sign companies.
So you have a smart phone get smart, perhaps you can find another driver and team up. I see there adds in every city. Yes I know about insurance; bonding; city and state licenses; permits and police inspections; they are all chimp change, and no big deal. Did I forget any thing, yes the little problem of the medallion. The $one million dollar retirement, real deal plan. Well I am sure that something could be worked out between the two of you.
They most likely have a (bank) payment to make also. Just my thoughts for what it is worth. I think that the medallion loans alone would put a lot of banks out of business, if a or when a problem comes up.
Problems like 52% of the United States out of work.
Problems like 48% of the United States are working to pay benefits to those not working.
Problems like the few large companies shutting down.
Problems like people buying food and shelter, and screw cabs we will walk.
Problems like New York (could) in my head flip 180 degrees in a day.
Problems like I don’t know how many cabs are in New York, 30,000? I don’t really care, as long as there is one left for me any way.
Problems of the cab drivers not getting the cream loads, and moving in to drive the for hire cars, where most clients are nice, polite, and tip big. Where they have perhaps, just maybe a little nicer boss, as there boss is a happy boss over cash flow.
Lets say the cab company of the future uses all the $60 Million start up or what ever cash they had for start up expense on their building these cab cars: or cab of the future cars goes broke, what will replace them? Yes you are right Black Tops top of the line premium car service, the transportation of the future.
So I am thinking what genius scam idea the power of beings will decide on next. I mean you won’t be able to get any car parts, for one they will end up being like the checker taxi cab ended up being, a want to be front yard giant flower pot!
What do you think a medallion will be worth at that point? Some future security plan that is turning in to.
Problems like towns with medallions that have total distress from factories closing; weather Problems like; flooding; acts of god. Look if people are broke; don’t have a job any more; for whatever reason, they don’t take taxi cabs. Period, they walk or find friends to share a ride free.
Cars online on e-bay and other sources I use look New York and all big cities have lots of town cars for sale. They have lots of Lincolns driving past, fares won’t know that you are driving a 1999 or newer; it is all in appearance and attitude. 1999 cars don’t cost much to get you going. You can get something going, talk to people, talk to the for hire owners just perhaps they want there cars out there also, if you are honest, maybe there will lease to own the car to you. Get busy people are not going to come to you, so get on the phone make some contacts, call some limo people and see what they have for sale, call some winery’s and see if they know of any limos or blacktop cars for sale good but cheap. But I know you can get a better deal that what you have going on now; trust me! Start you own company; just do it; stop giving your cash away!
Let me know what you feel about your own town car service, or for Hire Company, and more money!
“Thank you, everyone for reading my blog. I do hope you find something useful. I hope you find the rush in driving a taxi cab as I have, I know you will learn, but most have the rush. That’s why we are here, shift after shift. If I have written something that offends you, I am sorry, it is the way I feel about things! Enjoy your visit ~ enjoy your day ~ enjoy life. I am trying hard to get it all that is written disjointed, jointed. I hope you make great tips on your shifts day and / or nights!
The for hire flat rate cars, blacktops and town cars in this sitting are all over it, almost!
They most likely, are taking care of the doorman, I would take car of the doorman only in a different way, I will tell you how when I get these thoughts out of my mind.
That in each case the for hire black tops are very clean inside and out.
That the drives are very clean inside and out.
That they open the doors for there clients.
That they transfer there luggage away for them at both ends, perhaps even taking it into the motel, hotel, and transfers it to the bellhop/door person.
Taxi Cab Drivers
They are in line at least 100 feet in front of the for hires and are sleeping, reading, eating, smoking, emailing me bitching me out, or what ever cabby’s do as they wait for there fares, wait for there fares, for what to open there own door of your cab themselves and sit down and say hi driver take me a long ways, I tip well. Forget it get off your ass and do something,
Park in there spot or better park in front of the front door walk up to the door person and shake there hand, slide them a ten spot and see what happens, if you really think nothing than you need to go tomorrow and apply for a job delivering pizzas, hell you may make more and you may lose some weight, unless you pull up to there house and don’t get out but just honk your horn or call them and say hi I have your pizza in my car outside at the curb send some one out to get it..
At some point in there life, taxi drivers need to get there act together and say to themselves and other taxi drivers, this is a job, this is a job, how can I scream this to you! How you work at your job is the (salary you choose), the cash you get. Like church you make an offering and god blesses you. If you go to church and nod off and on, you most likely won’t be having much of an output in your life any where.
All you have to do and like other jobs dream how happy you were on your first day of you new job as a Taxi Driver, and now perhaps even years later, you fall into a rut, and ruts are hard to break, extremely hard, but I know you can do it I will show you a few steps to take to make that happen, when I get back on here.
That being said I will tell you about how, I would take care of the doorman only in a different way and if you would listen perhaps today or soon you will have more fares, laugh about what you just did, crap like that, and do be able to defend your self, this is not a game here, this is a job your job and you have to understand as they do for sure, that they are costing you money, lots of money!

So what the crap are you doing sitting three (3) up taxi zone, your not!
You are six (6) up in front of a motel.
What makes you any better than the rest?
What makes you stand out?
Why would you even think about sitting there?
Here is what I would do fast, wear real clean clothes and put a big ass smile on my face, I would than do a drive by and look for the busiest motel, Park around the corner and go in side by a side door only. I would buy two cups of espresso coffee black; come on black is not going to hurt you once. I would walk up to the front door person from the inside only and tell s/he this, LISTEN NOW, damn it I am trying to help you here, tell s/he then, these word, Hi how are you tonight, listen My name is Sparky and I drive a taxi, I just seen you and you looked like you could use a cup of coffee, you don’t give a crap if they throw it away after you leave.

The next thing is this, and don’t hang around, he has a job to do also, but you tell him look I am a good guy could you help me out and get me a ride tonight, I am one #1 in the taxi zone, I will leave my trunk open and wait for you, Hey thank you I would appreciate it a lot and I will take care of you, at that second you put your hand out for a hand shake, make them shake your hand, as I do and slide them the ten ($10,00) in that hand shake. Me I have a card and paper card holders that I use with my business card inside (for there friends and reliefs) to call my cell, but I see each and all of them in person with coffee and ten ($10.00) hand shake.
When I get back I will list a few things that might and will help you.
Dress code, clean shirt, crease in pants, clean shoes, if you have a doubt, look at other drivers that make money and have a great smile on there face.
Your change always in 2x, two different locations, $20.00 in pocket, $20.00 in a FAKE wallet, put large cash in the trunk and hide it period! Never put any thing that you want under your seat, it will be gone fast. Go ahead and put your money bag under your front seat, than jump in the back seat, and see if you see what I see. Don’t ever do that. And speaking of Monet if someone flips you a hundred late at night just say no I don’t have that kind of change, I just started, always all night long every night, you say this right up front, Hi my name is Sparky where are you going and do you have a preferred route I am going to take you (this way) I feel great, (listen now) you are my first ride tonight. Got it, if there bad perhaps knowing you don’t have any money yet will get you by, for one more night.
Clean Cab inside Clean Cab outside. Head rest down always for safety, you don’t want a wire or chain around your neck if it is up, Keep it down! Windows up except for 2 inches down for fresh air don’t get caught off guard with your door unlocked and window down. No smoking in the cab!
I have made more money, if you are allowed to do this, just pay for the gas and troll, travel around hot spots. Works for me, no down time at the airport 75 cabs ahead of me waiting for that tat, giant trip and tip! What if they go just to a hotel 2 miles away, and no tip, I don’t get it!
Well if you are not working you are not making any money. This has always been my trade mark, I drive a cab but I go where I want to go and when I want to go, leave me alone I pay my gate. I have always thought that I could D&W, drive and work and do better than a dispatcher could give me, and yes I know the pro and cons about it, I know I am not a company man ya right, see you at the bank every week after week, and I will have a great smile on my face, and lease or not, hourly employee or for hire I always will.
If you want to make more money, hustle more, don’t go where other cabs are, think beyond the box, build your company like it or not you are your own boss, and you are your worst enemy, change that.